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Lebdah City, Libya

Currently one of the largest development projects in Libya, Rural Concepts Group has been working on New City for the past decade. It is a 248 hectare site located on the Mediterranean coast of Libya, approximately 70km east of Tripoli, with three miles of coast line to develop near Leptis Magna. The objective is to create a world-class resort and destination, including hotels, marinas, resort and other housing, along with the infrastructure to support the development. The build programme is anticipated to have a life span of fifteen years. The dual carriageway into the city has already been built and the city will continue to evolve throughout this time. The Group’s early entry into and belief in Libya even during the volatile times has meant that many opportunities have arisen and it will be continuing to maximise on these. We have a variety of packages available for investors, ranging from early bird opportunities to more conservatively yielding opportunities.
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New City, Libya
New City, Libya

New City LibyaNew City Libya

International Youth City

Project Vision

Rural Concepts Group has a dynamic and positive vision for the future of young people. The development of the International Youth City in the Middle East will embody this vision.

International Youth City is a visionary real-estate project that will be a showcase for youth development potential. Operating on an international level, the project will focus on developing young people from the Middle East and all over the world, building their capacity to tackle the social cultural and economic challenges of today.

International Youth City is an holistic vision for developing complementary elements to create a new concept for business, education, leisure and tourism that both responds to the needs of today’s youth and gives them perspective on the wider world.

International Youth City is a holistic vision for developing a complementary group of elements that

Conceptual master plan

The use of the hexagon shape, a beautifully formed geometrical pattern, will allow us to create interconnected areas which are flexible in size. We will adapt the shape to the geometry of the site, forming a centre and radiating out to multiple growth centres to serve the different land use zones of the site thereby creating a unique motif which will come to symbolise The International Youth City.

The basic building block for our proposed scheme is a hexagon 66m in diameter. Our proposition is to reserve the central block for the conference and convention hall. The six blocks attached to it will be used to promote integrated cultural experience and scientific research and development. The outer block will be used for the community residents; student accommodation; hotels; youth hostel and offices. The remaining area is to be dedicated to recreation and sporting activities.

The art of city planning and the creation of beautiful places is enshrined in Islamic heritage.


The Three Key Elements of the Development

International Youth City will be a smart city, using the latest cutting edge technology. The city will comprise three key elements which are distinct in terms of their objectives but are complementary in their long term compatibility. These three elements are Business & Education, Cultured Leisure and Community Residential.

The city master plan will mirror these elements.

  1. Al Ezdhar Park is the Emerging Technology Business Park and Research & Development Centre.
  2. Innovation Plaza is the central part of the development which includes the visitor attraction centre, the hotels, the retail centre, arena and commercial aspect.
  3. International Youth City Community Residence provides the villas, apartments, townhouses and student accommodation to make International Youth City a vibrant, living community.


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International Youth City
International Youth City

Youth Village, Dubai

Rural Concepts Group are currently negotiating a joint venture with a major Emirates Corporate Group, to build the first Youth Village. The Youth Village will provide tailored, high quality and value for money accommodation for Students and Keyworkers.

Youth Village, Dubai
Youth Village, Dubai